We decided to create the perfect breakfast for the whole family with a simple formula
Mätti's ready-to-eat breakfast is the perfect combination of simple ingredients to make you happy every morning!
Pure composition
High quality ingredients and a natural composition without GMOs, dyes and flavor enhancers awaits you in every variation of the breakfast cereal, from classic porridge a cereal bar.
Natural ingredients
Whole grains are the key ingredient in all of our products. It's a valuable source of slow carbs and fiber which energize you for new challenges and make you feel full for a long time.
Fruits and berries carefully processed using a special sublimation technology, retain much more vitamins and minerals than with any other type of drying, which is very important for maintaining immunity and excellent health.
Quality control
Mätti products were manufactured in Europe until 2014. Thanks to the localization of production, we were able to switch to fresher local ingredients, while maintaining European quality standards. All products have certifications that include HACCP principles.
We adhere to the principles of sustainable development. We use recycled cardboard. A separate waste collection system has been introduced at the production site, which facilitates recycling and reduces the impact on the environment.
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